Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just Yuki's thoughts; Superficial appeal

Looks is important, I know, thats why I improve myself.

I used to be someone who's always jealous, drinking vinegar all the time, untill I finally asked myself. Why?
What for sitting here, making myself so miserable, but yet doing nothing about it.

So today, this blog post truely means "How to make people JEALOUS of you".
* I feel like I'm writing a book, LOL. Chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3.. Ok, just kidding, gonna summarise stuffs.

1st of all, SELF CONFIDENCE.
-Tell yourself, you are who you are, you don't have to please anyone except for yourself. Tell yourself, no matter how you look like, you still have yourself.
-Keep eye contact with ANYONE. No matter how you talk to them, where you talk to them, keep your eye contact

-Flaunt your looks, flaunt your hair, flaunt anything that YOU think is better than anyone else. Hide what's bad of course!

-Don't keep the jealousy, flaunt it, speak it out, love it. BUT don't change yourself for it.

4th, SPEAK UP.
-Do what you like, speak what you like. Be it online, be it in real life. Just SPEAK UP.

-Your hardwork can make people jealous, your perserverance can make people DIE. Your end results of your hardwork will make others JEALOUS.

I believe, with these 5 tips, anyone can make others jealous.

Like myself, I know I have many many things that I feel inferior about, but so what?
I am myself and I know that I can survive like that, I continue to improve. People are jealous.
They are not jealous of my looks I believe, since I'm not pretty, they're jealous of my other factors!
So what if YOU and ME don't have the looks, we still have eyes, mouth and hands.
We can improve, speak and use eye contact to make people jealous.

Truely JEALOUS people don't speak of what they are JEALOUS about. 
So all you have to do it SPEAK your JEALOUSY, keep EYE CONTACT with the people around you 
or even the girl who you're jealous of, FLAUNT your character and IMPROVE yourself.

Others, even if it's not the girl you're jealous of, WILL be JEALOUS of you.

So what are there to do afraid of ! 

(the Nike's Slogan)

I hope you all find this post useful ! ^^ See yah !

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